SPM 162: A horizontal fine boring machine - a Premier innovation


Hi-tech 8 Axes CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Model: PHC 150

The latest upgrade was made to the existing gear hobbing machine to suit customer requirements. The fully automated CNC hobbing machines come in different sizes, as the production ranges from small mechanical instrument gears to bigger diameter gears.

  • The new model has been designed and developed in a range of gears.
  • The direct drive to the hob and table increases the speed of manufacturing, thus ensuring an increase in productivity.
  • The machine bed has been designed to ensure that the coolant is circulated through the bed, thus compensating the thermal effect.
  • Steep slopes provided for easy and quick disposal of chips for The Hi-tech 8 Axes CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Model: PHC 150. dry cutting.
SPM162 - Horizontal fine boring machine

The horizontal fine boring machine, SPM162, has been created by Premier’s highly skilled engineers at the Company’s Technology Centre in Bengaluru. Its innovative design enables it to handle the work of three set-ups — parent steel bores, bush bores and pin bores — without using three different machines, thereby saving considerable time and cost. The SPM162 is designed to do the fine boring of the connecting rod used in the defence sector.

Key Features
  • High precision spindle units with class ultra-precision bearings
  • Accuracy and rigidity to the spindles
  • High pressure through a spindle coolant for best quality components.
  • Produces fine bores that have taper cylindricity and ovality of less than five microns, with excellent surface quality, as per customer specifications.

“The high quality output is the result of accurate design, assembling and precisely machined components used in building the machine.” Mr. S. N. Pradeep Prasad, AGM – Design, CNC Machines
Vertical Machining Center, PVM–40

The Premier Vertical Machining Center, PVM–40, is one of Premier's star machines, completely built in-house at Premier's Technology Centre at Bengaluru. Led by Mr. Y A Shivaram (AGM Design and Development, Bengaluru), the highly experienced design team ensured that the PVM–40 was on par with the latest technologies. The machine was developed to cater to the machining requirements of automobile industries, automation, tool room and other suitable die and mould applications.

Premiers experience over six decades with global leaders.


  • Strojimport
  • Hermann Pfauter Gmbh
  • Schiess AG
  • Scotish Machines Tool
  • Hitachi Seiki Co. Ltd.
  • Dorris Scharmann GmbH


  • Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • Dusseldrof, Germany
  • Glasgow, UK
  • Abiko, Japan
  • Monchengladbach, Germany

Machine Type

  • Slotting Machines
  • Gear Hobbing Machines
  • Vertical Turret Lathes
  • Planning Machines
  • Machining Centers
  • CNC Vertical Turning Boring Miling Centers
A Customer-Centric Innovation

Recently, Premier got the opportunity to develop the CNC Horizontal Machining Center (HMC) Model HB–1000 for Chittranjan Locomotive Works for machining of railway engine parts.

Typically, HMCs are equipped with ‘milling spindles’. However, to meet the deep boring requirements of the customer's component, Premier developed the HMC with traversing-type precision ‘boring spindle’ (quill), co-axially mounted in the milling spindle.

Such an innovative effort has added another feather to our cap in new product development for state-of-the-art technology and the credit goes to Mr. Y.A. Shivaram, AGM Design and Development, Bengaluru.