Deep Hole Drilling Machines

Premier Ltd manufactures Special Purpose Multiple- spindle drilling machine for several applications.

Multiple-spindle drilling machines are used for mass production. These machines are great time savers where many pieces of jobs having many holes are to be drilled. Multi-spindle head machines are used in mechanical industry in order to increase the productivity of machining systems. The multiple- spindle drilling machine is a production type of machine. It is used to drill several holes in a work piece simultaneously, in a single setting. This machine has many spindles driven by a single motor and all the spindles are fed in to the work piece simultaneously. These machines may be either horizontal or vertical type. The drill heads consists of several spindles mounted on angular contact ball bearings and driven by a set of gears. For spindles wherein the center distance are very close needle roller thrust bearings are used. The drive to the spindle is by AC spindle CNC motor or by AC induction motor. The speed of the spindles driven by induction motor is varied by using variable frequency drive. The drill head is interchangeable.

These multi spindle drilling machines are mainly used in automobile industries for drilling holes in crankcase, cylinder head, connecting rod etc. The drill head is supplied with high pressure through coolant or external coolant depending on the application. The drilling feed is provided by a CNC table or a hydraulic table. The drills are guided in a mobile jig plate or a fixed jig plate depending on the application. The drills are mounted on to the spindle using an adjustable adaptor or a stub tool holder.