Special Purpose Machines
Special Purpose Machines
Special Purpose Machines
  • SPM for Conrod

  • Rotary Milling Machine

  • Duplex Milling Machine

Product Range
  • Duplex milling m/c for cylinder blocks
  • Fine boring m/c for connecting rods
  • Shim selection machine
  • Vertical serration rolling machine
Key Specs & Features
  • Robust construction
  • Custom build
  • Roughing / Finishing operations
  • Precision fine boring

Premier offers customized Special Purpose Machines in India to meet customer’s requirement on varied machine operations / options to improve productivity.

  • Line Boring Machines:
    These machines are used for line boring of cylinder block cam shaft bearing bore and crank shaft bearing bore .These bores have high geometrical accuracies.
  • Duplex Milling Machines:These machines are used for simultaneous milling of cylinder block sump face, bottom face and side face front and rear of cylinder blocks. It produces perfectly parallel faces.
  • Rotary Milling Machines:These machines are used for milling 2-wheeler components such as crank case, connecting rod etc to produce the quantity in large numbers at a time.
  • Deep Hole Drilling Machines: These machines used for making drill of longer depth upto 150 times the drill diameter in a single pass. These are also called gun drilling machines. Straightness of drilled hole is of higher accuracy.
  • Multi-Spindle Driling Machines: These machines are generally used for drilling a number of holes at a time with number of spindles to increase productivity and center distance accuracy.
  • Fine Boring Machine: These are used for boring of connecting rods and cylinder blocks to produce bores with higher geometrical accuracies and better surface finishes.
  • Double Ended Boring Machine:This Machine is used for precision boring of connecting rods used in automobiles and tankers of Indian army.
  • Ratchet Teeth Milling Mahcine:This machine is used for milling ratchet teeth of starter gear of automobiles.