PHA Series Gear Hobbing Machine Bed & Table Slide Assembly with LM Guideways

Rigid & thermally stable construction, well-ribbed castings in FG300 Grade duly stress relieved/seasoned, with in-built leak-proof tank with precision guideways

LM guideways to ensure smooth radial motion.

PHA Series Hob Head Assembly for Gear Hobbing Machine

Sturdy structural parts/design to take care of all types of loads during teeth cutting.

Universal hob head enabling hobbing of various types of components.

Gear Shaping Operation

Gear Shaping machine is based on gear generation method where the shaper cutter rotates as well as reciprocates. These machines are used for cutting spur and helical gears externally as well as internally. These are basically used for cutting cluster gears used in gear boxes of automobile vehicles where the hobbing method cannot be used due to the restricted space.

Gear Hobbing Operation

Gear Hobbing machines are used for generation of gears such as spur, helical, worm wheel, worm etc. In this machine, the cutter used is called a hob, which rotates. These machines are used for cutting external gears only. The hob and work piece are rotated in a synchronised manner to get the exact number of teeth.